Top 5 Friends Challenge

Top 5 Friends Challenge

How many cups of Coffee/Tea do you need daily?

Pick a priority:

What you drink the most?

What would make you most happy?

A thing you are bad at:

What is your idea of a perfect evening?

What would you like to eat in breakfast?

Where would you like to go with your soulmate?

What you are afraid of?

Choose a beverage:

Which animal do you dream to pet?

Choose your favourite movie time snacks:

Which activity would you choose?

What will you choose?

In your freetime, where would you go?

Choose a place in nature:

Your favourite flavour is?

What would you choose?

Pick your favorite season:

Do you like Apple Iphone or an Android Smartphone?

Which fast food restaurant do you prefer the most

What’s your current mood?

What is more important to you?

What type of movies do you like?

What would you do if you won a lottery?

If you meet a genie, what would be your wish?

What is your favourite food?